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Coffee: Friend or Enema?: Coffee Enemas and Detoxification
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Coffee: Friend or Enema?: Coffee Enemas and Detoxification

Lee Smith ND

This is a simple little book about a simple little ritual and a very complicated story about the ways and means of modern sick-care. Perhaps only slightly stranger than the practice of drinking beans is the use of java juice for an enema. The basic practice enemas pre-dates The Christ, and the modern coffee enema has found a place of infamy. Is it possible that something found commonly in the kitchen cupboards might reduce the need for morphine, increase liver efficiency, and assist the body in the detoxification process? With any holistic approach, the outcome is often relative to personal commitment and diligence, but the proponents of this simple technique swear by its' efficacy. The practice is most often combined with a vegan diet or in conjunction with fresh juice fasting. Excerpt: "The difficulty in the application of a nutritional technique is that we have no real conceptual comparison between the medical and the holistic approaches." Whether the body can be jump-started into overcoming a health challenge is dependent upon many things, but the author will unveil aspects of this novel approach as reviewed from historical and personal perspectives.

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