The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!
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The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!

Steven D. Ward
I, too, was a coffee zombie, walking around calling myself a coffee lover, thinking that meant I had an obligation to drink whatever swill was put in front of me. For years I stumbled around in a daze drinking stale, bitter coffee and grumbling "beans... beans...". Thank God I finally woke up to the world of coffee. After Immersing myself in the coffee world via reading every book I could find and visiting trade fairs, high-end cafes, and barista competitions, I realized that, while there is a huge amount of information out there free on the Internet, there was no single resource that connects all the dots and spells it all out for confused novice coffee drinkers.

Until now.

Fact: Making a great cup of coffee requires focus and commitment. This means that to make a billion dollar for-profit coffee franchise, you MUST find ways to cut corners and short change your customers. Fact: There are some GREAT coffee shops out there that care about coffee and customers and are worth every penny they charge, but they can be hard to identify, making it easy to just settle for familiar chain coffee.

Fact: Making very good coffee is NOT THAT HARD. With a minimal investment in time and education you can make the best cup of coffee you've ever had in your life in the comfort of your own home. This book shows exactly why billion dollar for-profit coffee chains are inherently unable to produce coffee of the quality you can make in the kitchen.
The Coffeeist Manifesto is half self-defense manual and half how-to instructional. By the end of it, any coffee beginner will have a foundational understanding of the coffee industry and know how to identify the good coffee shops from the bad ones. But most importantly, you'll know how to beat them at their own game by making coffee at home that blows the cafes out of the water.

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