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Reasons To Join - Free Dating Features

Coffee Passions Is Filled With Fun, Unique, Quirky Features That Set It Apart From Other Dating Sites

1) 'FREE ACTIONS' - Why only POKE or WINK? Those are typical (boring) features on other dating sites. Coffee Passions is DIFFERENT! Enjoy 50 options including CUDDLE, ZAP, GOOSE, GIVE A WEDGIE, NUZZLE, TICKLE, FLIRT & more. Don't be boring.

2) 'FREE VIRTUAL GIFTS' - Choose from 5 pages of unique and unusual virtual 'gifts' to post on other members' profile pages (for free) along with a message. Examples Include:

3) 'FREE EMAIL (SEND & RECEIVE)' - Most dating sites only allow paying members to email other members, but Coffee Passions is different. Approximately 24 hours after registration, new members are free to email other members. The 24ish hour delay allows us to review EVERY new profile for indications it could have been created by a spammer or scammer, which allows us to delete many fraudulent accounts before they could be used to bother our members.

4) 'FREE MOOD UPDATES' - Don't be boring! Choose from over 50 fun Mood Emoticons to let other members know how you feel. Examples Include:

5) 'FREE TAGGING' - See someone cute or interesting? 'Tag' them. They are not notified, unless they tag you back. Once two members 'tag' one another, we notify both members to let them know there is some level of mutual interest. What happens next is up to the members.

6) 'FREE MINI-MESSAGES' - Leave little messages directly on a members' profile page. For obvious reasons, there are rules & restrictions, but this is yet another unique feature within Coffee Passions.

7) 'FREE CHAT' - Enjoy the option to interact with other members in real time via our Chat system. We provide a centralized chat area & webcam area. Member can also enjoy one-on-one Instant Message chat with any other member interested (on any page of the site).

There are MANY more free, weird, unique features provided to members of Coffee if the options above sound like fun, CLICK HERE AND JOIN NOW!

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